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Monday, November 29, 2010

Redsound DarkStar XP2 Virtual Analog Synthesizer

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"RedSound DarkStar XP2 DSP Analog Modeling Synthesizer, a 5-part, 8-voice synth with 2 oscillators per voice. Using DSP analog modeling, it faithfully re-creates the classic synth sounds you love. A built-in joystick is assignable to filter frequency and resonance, or to oscillator mix and ring modulations. There's pink, white, and blue noise generation, plus a full MIDI specification. The XP2 adds a headphone out, 1/4" ins and outs, a new synth engine, and a new, blue scuff-proof color.

Featuring all the essential 'hands-on' synthesizer parameter controls, DARKSTAR is housed in an ergonomic, desktop unit that's also rackmountable using optional rack accessory. The DarkStar is a great British synthesizer with fat sounds and maximum flexibility that's fast becoming a true classic synth in the making in the same calibre of that of the TB303!

# Polyphony: 8 Voices.
# Multitibral: 5 Parts.
# Voice Specification: 2 Oscillators.
# Joystick: Assignable X/Y Joystick to filter frequency and resonance, or to oscillator mix and ring modulations.
# Filter: 12dB per octave resonant.
# Envelopes: 2 x ADSR envelopes, each of which can be set to respond to key velocity..
# LFOs: 2 x LFOs, each with a separate speed and delay control.
# Triggering/Portamento: Note triggering can be normal or autoglide.
# Pink, white, and blue noise generation
# Full MIDI specification
# Headphone out
# 1/4" ins and outs
# New synth engine"

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