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Sunday, November 28, 2010


via this auction
"If you're reading this, you probably know what this is. But if not, here's my opinion on this amazing machine. Its a groovebox-type drum machine, but Quasimdi describe it as an Analog Emulation Synthesizer. It uses both synthesized and sampled sounds. It's a virtual analog synth, ie. you control most of the parameters of the 5 synths using real knobs, rather than navigate layers of menus via the small screen. As you twiddle knobs, the values are also displayed on the screen. You can of course access everything using a menu system, or load/save patches using MIDI dumps. Its like a cross between a Roland drum machine, a Korg groovebox and a VA synth. I've had a couple of Korgs and this is much easier to use and has a much better range of sounds (IMHO). As soon as you turn it on you will be hooked! The sequencer can be programmed in Roland-style 'drumgrid' mode or by real time recording. Its great for studio production, but it's also a great live machine as you can chop and change between sequencer patterns and twiddle the knobs in real time..."

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