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Sunday, October 24, 2010


via this auction
"-The TAMA TS-305 is a 6 channel drum synth module.
-It can be used as a desktop module or a massive 7u 19" Rackmount.
-Each channel is a mini analogue synth drum module, capable of producing a wide range of electronic drum sounds, and since every parameter is defined by a knob, it's highly tweakable.
-Each channel has 10 controls (9 knobs & 1 switch)
-Modules on the TS-305 are: SNARE / RIM SHOT / TOM 1 - 3 & BASSDRUM
Switch Switches between a MEMORY PRESET and Manual Knob Settings.
SENS controls sensitivity of drum pad input trigger
ATTACK controls attack time of the sound
DECAY controls decay time of the sound
NOISE controls noise amount
BEND CCW = Bend Down, CW = Bend Up
TUNE controls tuning
TONE controls balance between oscillator / noise
EMPHASIS kind of like filter
LEVEL output volume to mixer"

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