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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


via this auction

"6 voices

Can be configured as a six voice polyphonic synthesizer, a bank of six monophonic synthesizers, or any combination (for instance, a three voice polyphonic with three independent monophonic voices). This synthesizer is completely multi-timbal, again in any combination of voices.

Each voice has:
Two VCOs (sawtooth; square; triangle; sine)
A VCF (frequency; resonance; mode*; VCA 1; VCA 2)
FM/Lag generator (lag is portamento)
5 envelope generators
5 LFOs
3 tracking generators
4 ramp generators

All of these things can be controlled and modulated by each other (i.e., an LFO can trigger an envelope generator, etc.). Any voice can be assigned to any MIDI channel, any CV input. Each voice can be assigned to any output.

Lever 1
Lever 2
Pedal 1
Pedal 2
Release velocity
Env X
Track X
Ramp X

Gate 1
CV 1
Gate 2
CV 2
Gate 3
CV 3
Gate 4
CV 4
Gate 5
CV 5
Gate 6
CV 6
Trigger In
Pedal 1
Pedal 2
Advance Chain (steps through patches via foot control)
Cassette I/O (older method of storing patches)
MIDI In, Out, Thru

Left, Mono (Mid), Right
Voices 1-6 independent mono outs

* Filter modes:
1, 2, 3 or 4 pole lowpass;
1, 2 or 3 pole highpass;
2 or 4 pole bandpass;
2 pole notch;
3 pole phase shift;
2 and 3 pole highpass + 1 pole lowpass;
2 pole notch + 1 pole bandpass;
3 pole phase shift + 1 pole lowpass.

Two manuals
Original MIDI spec sheet
Software update spec sheet"

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