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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oberheim SEM MIDI CV Version

via this auction

"Tom Oberheim is proud to reissue the classic SEM monophonic analog synthesizer expander module. The return of huge, juicy analog synth tone at an affordable price!

Originally released in 1974, the SEM is one of the classic discrete analog synths, with a huge, three-dimensional "fat" tone that must be heard to be believed. Tom's reissue cuts no corners- the circuitry is almost identical to original units. The only component changes were made due to unavailable parts, but the great tone has not been affected. No digital voice circuits, or thin-sounding analog "voice chips" here- only genuine hi-fi fat analog goodness."

1 comment:

KJWilliams96 said...

considering the preorder wait time, I'm surprised this is being resold so soon.