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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Korg Poly 800 rare Reverse Keys

via this auction
"The keyboard has a similar architecture to the Poly 60, or the Roland Juno. The oscillators are DCOs (digitally controlled oscillators) rather than VCOs and therefore the sound is not as warm as the Poly 60 or the Sequential Circuits six-trak. That said other aspects of the synth, such as the filters and the amp are analogue. Editing the sounds is not as easy as it would be if the synth was covered in knobs, but nonetheless, its not difficult. Indeed, you get a cool step effect when editing the sounds. This is a feature of the digital analogue hybrids, which is peculiar to early 80s models. The LFO modulator joystick is also really cool, as you can modulate the VCF and the DCO separately.

Its 8 voice polyphonic, with 64 memory patches and up to 50 editable parameters. There's also a stereo chorus effect, a sequencer, and the LFO/pitchbend joystick. For added fatness, there is a double mode in which the oscillators double up making 4 fat voices of polyphony."

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