Saturday, September 04, 2010

Ludwig Phase II guitar synthesizer

via this auction

"The Phase II, made in limited numbers during 1970-71, is a vintage FX guitar unit. It includes a fuzz, a tremolo (Animation), and a voltage-controlled filtering section (Formant Trajectories-Parallel, Counter, and Vowel switches). The circuit uses only discreet components. A control panel contains seven switches (light/change color) and four sliders which alter several effects, including fuzz, voltage-controlled filters and gating, combined in a box that unfolds to reveal a rocker pedal and four footswitches. There is nothing out there in today's market that duplicates the animation and filtering possibilities.

- Fuzz (includes voice fuzz)
- Animation - FFM, Fuzz RPT or both and Fast/slow start (switches),
Alter Intensity and Rate with three sliders.
- Voltage-Controlled Filtering - "Format Trajectories": Parallel, Counter, Vowel .
- Foot Pedal with Primary and Stereo outputs (Bypass Balance control), Lo/Hi Z inputs
(Lo Z Balance control) plus four foot switches: Stereo, Bypass, Animation, Fuzz f

Product Information:
- Ludwig Phase II Synthesizer
- Model #9000 -- Serial # 1529
- Supply Voltage: 120/240 VAC, 50/60 cycles, 15 watts"

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