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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Capybara 320 Symbolic Sound KYMA sound design

via this auction
" Imagine the sound designer's dream machine...
* a machine that would let you graphically string together unlimited-length chains of processing and synthesis modules and run them with zero latency on a dedicated multiprocessor computer with little or no impact on your main computer's memory or processing capabilities...
* where you could expand the processing capabilities of your hardware transparently, simply by plugging in more processing cards, because the machine was designed from the outset with scalability and multiple processors in mind...
* where you'd never have to sacrifice sound quality just because you're trying to squeeze more real time processing out of your desktop or laptop computer...
* with FireWire, timecode, MIDI, and 8 channels of 24-bit 100 kHz audio...
* controlled by the award-winning Kyma software with cutting-edge algorithms like granular processing, real-time analysis/resynthesis, aggregate synthesis, and spectral morphing...
* an online community of colleagues at the leading edge of film, music, advertising, and game development...
* a tech support staff that is among the most dedicated and educated in the business,
* and a symbolic, blue LED on the front panel.

Basic Configuration
* four processors installed on the motherboard
* 96 MB sample RAM
* 12 expansion slots
* I/O and external sync (see below)
* External desktop or rackmount case (protects the DSPs and converters from the electrically noisy environment inside your personal computer, and leaves valuable slot-space free to use for other cards on your host computer)

Expansion Card
* two processors installed on the expansion card
* 48 MB sample RAM (per card)
* Up to 12 expansion cards (for a total of 28 processors) can be added

Inputs and Outputs
* 4-8 channels
* 32-100 kHz sample rate
* 24-bit
* Balanced Analog and Digital (AES/EBU)

External Synchronization
* Word Clock input
* VITC & LTC Timecode input and output

Interface options
* FireWire for Macintosh OS X and OS 9, Windows XP, 2000, and ME desktop and laptop machines"

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