Saturday, July 10, 2010

Future Retro Revolution

via this auction
"it is a very incredible and unique way to program and/or play live sequences, since it has a circular interface. It has a pure analog signal path with 14 knobs and 29 buttons. The inboard effects are digital and the sequncing and patch/performanes are digitally controlled. It has an analog overdrive, selectable analog waveforms, CV I/O control, C/V and audio in control for the filter, headphone out, main outs, MIDI in, out, thru as well as DIN sync out... If ur thinking you don't need all of that, no problem, just start twiddling knobs and play away! A really cool feature are the two remix knobs that change your patterns into a total of 256 possible deviations, which is awesome when playing live or if you feel your track needs just a little tweaking."

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