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Analogue Solutions CVM Dual Channel CV to MIDI Converter

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"Analogue Solutions Modules are the same physical size and use the same power connectors as Doepfer a100 modules. They will mount in Doepfer eurorack cases and are 100% compatible when patching.

The red stripe on the power ribbon is red line down if used with Doepfer cases.

Included is a eurorack power ribbon and eurorack screws. Analogue Solutions screws available upon request. Width 10HP
Manufacturer Description:
CVM CV to MIDI Converter
CVM is a dual channel CV to MIDI Converter. It’s primary task is to enable MIDI synth modules to be ‘played’ by analogue sequencers.

A typical example would be our Oberkorn analogue sequencer controlling 2 voices of a Waldorf Blofeld synth module.

It is designed to be quick and easy ‘plug in and play’ with no parameters to set. Just ensure your MIDI module is set to channel 1 and 2 and that’s it!

Each channel has;

CV1 Input
This will convert a voltage to a MIDI note number.
The range is 0-5V, giving an approximate note range of 0-127.

CV2 Input
This will convert a voltage to MIDI velocity. If this socket is not used a velocity of approximately full value (127) will be used.
In your sound module, assign Velocity to control filter cut-off for excellent sequences!
The range is 0-5V, giving an approximate velocity range of 0-127.

Gate Input
This will converter on/off gate voltages to MIDI Note On/Off messages.
The range is 0-5V. 5V is note on.

How It Works
Each time the Gate socket goes high (i.e. 5V/Note on) the CPU will sample the CV1 and CV2 inputs, then send a MIDI note on message (which also contains velocity data). When the gate goes low (0V) the CPU will send a MIDI note off.

MIDI Channels
CVM channel 1 is set to MIDI channel 2, and CVM channel 2 to MIDI channel 2.
The MIDI channels are set and cannot be changed.
The CV inputs are pre-assigned to MIDI note and MIDI velocity and cannot be changed.

The LED will trigger each time MIDI data is sent out.

Connect this to the MIDI In of your sound module.

CV1 is not calibrated to any particular scale. It is ‘approximately’ 1V/octave. This is to keep cost down, and anyway, in my opinion calibration is not necessary.

CVM was designed to be used with analogue sequencers. These sequencers do not really have a pitch scaled output. They simply output a continuously variable voltage, usually from 0 to 5 (or sometimes 10) Volts. The output can further be changed with transpose voltages, mixed with LFOs, and changed entirely in range via a Range control (output attenuator).

Width 10HP
Power 5V, 30mA
CV Range 0-5V"

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