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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Novation A-Station

via this auction
"The A-Station is a remarkably compact polyphonic virtual analogue synthesizer. At just one rack unit high and measuring less than five inches from the rounded ends of its knobs to its tidy rear, it is a cunning gene-splice of Super BassStation body and Nova-style brain.

The A-Station powers up in Program mode -- that is, ready for you to play any of the 400 onboard patches. These are arranged in four banks of 100, and the first 200 are already filled with factory patches. The remaining 200 are blank, awaiting your own creations. Simply type in the bank and patch number on the rubber keypad and you're away. Or, to speed things up, the keypad's '+' and '-' keys allow you to step through the patches sequentially. Pressing and holding either of these keys advances your selection in groups of 10. Conveniently, Novation have positioned related factory sounds at these intervals. Thus locations 100, 110, 120, and so on are bass sounds, 106, 116, 126 are string sounds, and so it goes on. Since you can overwrite all patch locations, it's handy that they can be restored at any time, either by full bank or individually."

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