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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Waldorf Microwave XT Synth

via this auction
"The Waldorf Microwave XT is a 10-note polyphonic synth sturdily housed in a large rack/desktop case (if racked it occupies five spaces).
* Two wavetable oscillators plus noise generator and ring modulator.
* Oscillator Sync and FM.
* 10-note polyphonic, 8-part multitimbral.
* 256 User Patches, 128 Multi setups.
* Arpeggiator forms part of patch meaning up to 8 simultaneous arpeggiators can run in multi mode.
* Arpeggiator and LFOs can sync to MIDI clock.
* Two filters with a total of 12 filter types.
* DSP effects -- the first three parts in a multi performance can use their full effects settings, the remainder are limited to chorus.
* External signal input to filters/effects.
* 65 wavetables plus 32 user wavetables.
* 44 knobs, 9 switches, 2 x 40 character display, shift key, alpha dial.
* All major parameters have a dedicated MIDI controller numbers.
* Knobs send MIDI controllers.
* Quite large (5 rack units).
* And it's orange!"

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