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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Peavey Spectrum Analog Filter

via this auction
"The unit was designed to be used with any MIDI or non-MIDI sound source. It consists of a three channel input mixer, followed by a "classic american" voltage controlled filter(VCF), then by a voltage controlled amplifier(VCA). These three elements compose a classic analog monophonic synth sound. The filter is fully programmable. The unit also features an analog signal trigger input which allows non MIDI instruments to drive it i.e.; electric bass, guitar, kick drum, etc.

* Classic analog 4 pole filter design
* 100 programmable presets
* easy parameter editing using rotary controls
* MIDI controllable
* programmable 3 channel input mixer
* audio trigger input
* adjustable trigger threshold
* compatible with Peavey "CyberBass""

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