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Saturday, May 22, 2010

MFB OSC-01 Triple DCO

via this auction
"*3 digital-controlled oscillators
*2 different sawtooth waveforms (analog + digital)
*common and individual CV-control
* pulsewidth control for 2 oscillators
*internal and external hard-sync
*digital ring-modulation
*MSRP: 159,- Euro

Now, you can get the famous sound of the MFB Synth LITE II from your modular synth. OSC-01 bundles three oscillators in a single module. Constructed as a analog/digital hybrid, these oscillators guarantee improved tuning stability (comparable to the DCOs of a Roland Juno 106).

In addition, OSC-01’s third oscillator also offers the unique sawtooth-wave that was used in the first version of the MFB Synth LITE.

OSC-01 offers plenty of useful features: All three oscillators can be commonly controlled by CV. In addition, each oscillator can be controlled by an individual control voltage. Combined with a 3-Track sequencer like Doepfer MAQ-16/3 or AS Oberkorn makes it possible to create changing chord intervals only with one module.

Oscillator 1 or both oscillators 1 and 2 can be synchronized to oscillator 3. This also applies to the external hard-sync option. Further individual and common modulations can be achieved through three additional CV inputs.

All oscillators offer individual outputs. However, since the outputs include internal summing, a mixed output is also possible. Additionally, the OSC-01 offers a separate output for the integrated digital ring-modulation of oscillators 1 and 2 (internal jumper also allows osc1*osc3).

The module has a width of 80 mm (16 TE)"

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