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Friday, May 14, 2010

Fender Chroma Polaris vintage analog synthesizer

via this auction
"We're talking about 6 of the dual VCO CEM3374 chips and 6 CEM3372 VCF chips controlled by a 186 CPU here. Fantastic possibilities for an analog. A great preset ring mod, sync and wide modulation possiblities. Glide pedal is demonstrated in my video on the sounddoctorin youtube site. These are performance MONSTERS. You can bend either the whole keyboard or just the one you are soloing on. When you hit the glide pedal it stacks the remaining voices that aren't being held into a mono lead.
Also you can have 8 different sounds assigned in MIDI. Of course you can only be playing 6 of them at a time :-). But it's a nice feature for 1985. Both the old chroma port and midi. The functions are summarized on various sites. Great for a wide variety of sounds but especially works for the pink floyd type stuff, and keyboard sounds are excellent. Nice dynamics."

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