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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Analogue Solutions Red Square

via this auction
VCO1: Glide, sync in, triangle wave output, square wave output, sawtooth wave output, square wave sub oscillator output.
VCO2: Glide, triangle wave out, square wave output, sawtooth wave output.
VCF: Low pass filter, cutoff CV, resonance CV, cross modulation from VCO1, external signal input, envelope generator modulation.
VCA: Mode switch, CV control.
EG1: AR envelope with switchable sustain/release
EG2: ADSR envelope with normal or inverted output
VC LFO: Speed CV, sawtooth wave, inverse sawtooth wave, square wave, and triangle wave ouputs.
Sample and hold: Lag control
Noise generator: white noise
Ring Modulation
Midi to CV convertor: 16 bit DAC
Headphone output
Multiples: 2x 4 ways, 1x 5 way
Dimensions: 5U rack, 8.74" height, 19.01" width, 5.7" depth
Weight: 12.12 lbs.
Power: 230vac or 115vac(switchable), IEC socket, 2x fuses"

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