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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yamaha QY20

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"The Yamaha QY20 features a large liquid crystal graphic display panel and comprehensive controls that let you record, play, and edit quickly to get your ideas down! Whether its at home, in the studio, or on a bus or plane, the battery powered QY20 will become your "go-to" songwriting and composing partner.

Versatile Song and Pattern "Jobs"

Both the song and pattern modes include a number of "jobs" that can make the process of creating new songs and patterns fast and easy. The jobs have graphic displays that make it easy to understand what they do, and to set the required parameters.

In-depth Editing Capability

The "change" edit mode lets you individually modify the timing, pitch, gate time (length) and velocity (loudness) of each note simply by moving the cursor and setting the parameter as required. An edit "insert" mode allows insertion of note, program change, sustain on/off, pitch bend, modulation, pan, volume, expression, and other events at any point in the pattern. A Super Practice Tool Create chord, bass, and drum accompaniments that you can practice with on your guitar, keyboard, or any other instrument.

Use It As a Drum Machine

Use the QY20's vaiety of drum kit voices to create totally original drum tracks, or string together preset patterns.

Use It As a Tone Generator

The AWM tone generator is in no way a compromise. You get outstanding AWM sound quality that's on a par with some of the finest full-size synthesizers. Add ABC (Automatic Backing Capability) to Your MIDI Keyboard. Auto-accompaniment can help songwriters and composers finish their projects, get ideas down or practice! It can also be used for live performance and gigging. Electronic and acoustic drum kits, synth basses, pads, pianos, and more! Easily enter chords and even perform on the micro keyboard.

Sequencer/ No. of Tracks: Song Mode:8 (TR1+TR2+TR3+TR4 + Accompaniment Tracks x 4 Drum, Bass, Chord 1 and Chord 2)

Pattern mode: 4 (C1, C2, Ba, Dr- these are the Accompaniment Tracks)

Sequencer/ Record Modes: Realtime, Step Sequencer

Data Capacity Approximately 28,000 notes 20 songs 100 user patterns Sequencer/ Preset Patterns 600 (100 patterns x 6 sections: Intro, Normal, Variation, Fill 1, Fill 2, Ending) Sequencer/ Preset Chords 25 types Sequencer

Note Resolution 96 clocks per quarter note

Sequencer Polyphony 32 notes

Tone Generator Type AWM (Advanced Wave Memory)

Tone Generator Max. Polyphony 28 notes

Tone Generator Multi- timbre Parts 16 ( with dynamic voice allocation)

Tone Generator Preset Voices 100 pitched voices 100 drum voices (8 drum kits)

Display 128 x 64 dot graphic liquid crystal display

Connectors Output (mini stereo phone jack) Headphone (mini stereo phone jack) DC In MIDI In MIDI Out

Power Supply 6 1.5V AA size (SUM-3 or R6P) or equivalent alkaline batteries Optional PA-3, PA-4, or PA-40 AC Adaptor Dimensions (W/D/H) 188 x 37 x 104 mm (7-3/8" x 1-1/2" x 4-1/8")

Weight Approx 400g (14 oz) without batteries "

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