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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Roland SH2000 Synthesizer Keyboard

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From the Description:
You are bidding on a 1973 Roland SH2000 (early Serial Number) with very strong, and working circuitry.
Inside the monster you'll find all circuits,filters,components in pristine condition. Does need a good cleanup, and the following isue will probably correct itself. That, being said, I'm no technician, so It will be sold as is, also because of it's age.I can tell you this, however, there are no scratchy noises in using the dials or sliders, they function how thewy should. Missing two tabs, but I have since ordered those, and I will be including 3 colored preset tabs in the price of the synth.With these installed,
overall condition will jump to a decent 8.5/10 condition.
Sounds awesome , by the way.This keyboard/monosynth makes a helluva racket when enticed(a good racket).
Needs some light work, but all around decent shape cosmetically.
Needs calibration of VCO's inside...currently, plays all the same key, unless you hold a key down, then they all function normally.
Filters all function as they should, just the key issue.
(When I turned one of the VCO dials a hair, the problem went away, then it played all notes Hi-lo left to right. Weird.)
Anyway, Reserved price based on it's condition. An Antique Roland synthesizer...1973.
A bit dirty, and it is missing 2 rainbow tabs, but they can still be used...the rest are in perfect shape. (and I am including replacements!)

BTW - this is a low-serial number synth, so it has the sought after Moog-copied ladder filter inside, and is unaltered as far as circuitry...
there are a lot of modifications that can be done on it,too.
Sorry about the crappy photos.
Selling As Is, and there are no refunds on this item.
Generally, I'll ship only within Canada, unless you are prepared to pay for the monstrous shipping bill (ex. LA is $250 - Canada Post)
as item is 14kg.