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Friday, April 30, 2010

Roland Jv-1080 Synth Module & Orchestral Board

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"Vintage roland jv-1080 synth module includes power cable and orchestral expansion board model sr-jv80-02 powers on just pulled from working recording studio.

The SR-JV80-02 Orchestral expansion board provides a variety of extraordinarily realistic sounds for classical orchestration. A sophisticated assortment of string, woodwind and brass sounds - as well as professional percussion techniques such as rolls and flams - make this board indispensable for recording applications.

* User-installable expansion board for expandable Roland synths (see compatibility guide for details)

* Adds 174 waveforms and 255 patches ideal for classical orchestration and recording

* Includes strings, woodwinds and brass sounds, plus orchestral percussion

The second expansion board for the JV/XP series was dedicated to the beautiful sounds of the modern classical orchestra.

Roland managed to squeeze the essence of a symphonic orchestra in this small board, and did so admirably. Many of the sounds on this device still hold their own against dedicated multi-Gigabyte DVD libraries.

The SR-JV80-02 board opens with one of the most beautiful string patches I've ever come across, the stupendous "Warm Violins". This patch opens a huge selection of string patches (without a doubt, the highlight of this board), characterized by a very warm, gluey if you will, sonic timbre. There are many variations on the strings theme, all very charming and interesting: from legato, to staccato, agitato, vivace, spiccato e marcato, there's a long offering of instruments in both group and solo versions.

The expansion then focuses on the other instruments of the orchestra, and there are beautiful renditions of all the instruments of a typical romantic-era orchestral setup. There are even a few patches where solo instruments that typically play together in a score, are combined together in a single patch. Very useful. There are also full-blast brass patches, classy bass clarinets... everything you will ever need to compose an orchestral score. The board is completed by a pretty thorough rhythm patch, that collects together the percussive section of the orchestra."

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