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Friday, April 16, 2010


via this auction
"We all know the legendary Roland D-50 synthesizer. This D550 is the module version of this classic. It's ideal for anyone who wants the same sounds as the D50 keyboard but doesn't have the space or desire for a big keyboard. Other than the fact that it's smaller, it's identical to the D50 in sound and features.

With MIDI in out and thru, stereo output and fabulous DEEP sounds. Great for breathy stuff (its trademark) and warm, floaty sounds. Amazing bell sounds, pads, digital strings, electric pianos, synth brass and more. These sounds have been used on countless famous recordings. For those of you happy with preset sounds, the sounds onboard this module were revolutionary and to this day, still sound great! For those of you who make your own sounds, you can do it from the front panel, use a computer editor, or, if you like tweaking knobs, find a Roland PG-1000 programmer....or use another programmable knob box.

* Polyphony - 16 voices (32 partials with 2 per voice); 8 voices (using 4 partials per voice in Dual or Split Mode)
* Oscillators - Digital LAS (Linear Arithmetic Synthesis) & PCM, 32 osc.
* LFO - YES (3 x 2tones = 6 LFOs)
* Filter - low-pass-resonant
* Envelopes - ADSR envelopes
* Effects - YES
* #Instruments - Monotimbral (can be upgraded for multitimbrality)
* Keyboard - 61 note keyboard with velocity and aftertouch
* Arpeg/Seq - None
* Memory - 64 patches
* Control - MIDI
* Date Produced - 1987-89"

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