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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Radikal Technologies Spectralis

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The Spectralis is the first groove-oriented Instrument, which combines the LIVE usability of the latest digital technology with the best elements of proven analog technology. We also have thrown in some other cool features which give the synthesizer much more flexibility than anything seen before. While traditional Sequencers are limited to playing back rhythm patterns and tone sequences, the step Sequencer of the SPECTRALIS makes possible highly complex sound creations which opens up completely new worlds of sound when used in connection with the programmable FIXED FILTER BANK. In addition to its outstanding analog sound possibilities the SPECTRALIS also provides DSP based sound creation, which takes care of all the ancillary needs for drumsounds and polyphonic voices. This sound engine offers 32 stereo voices with multimode-filters, sample startpoint modulation and unisono modes for killer drum sounds, creamy pads and a lot of other goodies.

Oscillator Section : 
The Oscillators are the heart of any sound-creation. The Spectralis Oscillator Section provides 4 digital oscillators with continous wave selection, Oscillator-Sync, Ring-Modulation, Frequency-Modulation, Phase-Modulation, Bit-Reduction per Oscillator, Tune-Scaling, independent Glide for each Oscillator, Pulsewidth-Modulation, linear detune, 2 independent envelope-curves for each Oscillator for volume adjustment and pitchcontrol-effects.

Filter Bank Section :
The FIXED FILTERBANK was the core idea behind the whole Spectralis/Spectron concept. After designing and testing a multitude of various analog versions of the idea, we decided in the end that a digital implementation provided considerably better results. According to our motto – if it can be improved, let’s improve it – you can now benefit from the most powerful filterbank available today – at least in our humble opinion. The range of the bands now goes up to 40dB, the quality, the spreading of the cascaded band-passes and the frequencies of the individual bands can all be edited.

Filters :
Explore the full sound potential of the spectralis analog filter section. The 24dB Lowpass-Filter and the 12 dB Multimode filter both are self resonating filters and the exact tracking allows to use the filters as additional sound-sources as well.

Sound Engines analog-digital hybrid; sample-playback
Maximum Polyphony 32-voice stereo
Multitimbral Parts 17 (maximum)
Onboard Memory
128 MB of RAM; 64 MB of internal flash ROM; (2) SmartMedia slots,
each with 128 MB maximum capacity
Audio Inputs (2) unbalanced 1/4" TS
Audio Outputs (8) unbalanced 1/4" TS, (1) 1/4" stereo headphone
Data I/O (1) USB 1.1 or 2.0 (switchable); (1) MIDI In, (1) MIDI Out, (1) MIDI Thru
A/D/A Conversion 16-bit, 44.1 kHz
Rotary Encoders (37) infinite rotation with push-button functionality
Buttons (52) LED backlit
Display 2 line °— 40–character LCD
Power 100–240V, IEC receptacle
Dimensions 18.25" (W) °— 5" (H) °— 8.63" (D)
Weight 14 lbs."

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