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Friday, March 12, 2010

YAMAHA RS7000 sampler /synth

via this auction
"Perhaps the most unique function of the RS7000 is the ability to seamlessly integrate audio and MIDI. The 4-MB of onboard sampling memory is expandable to 64 MB. Users can import samples from a variety of formats; sample sounds themselves from external sources, or even re-sample the internally sequenced sounds of the RS7000 itself to instantly create new audio loops and phrases. The Integrated Sampling Sequencer automatically breaks the samples into discrete parts (based on amplitude peaks), and generates a corresponding MIDI sequence. Audio beats of differing tempos can then be synchronized and processed using the same MIDI tools (such as Grid Groove) as any regular MIDI data, and the same filters and parameters as the internal synth voices.

The RS7000 features a 62-voice AWM2 tone generator with over 1,000 onboard ROM-based synth voices and 63 drum kit sounds. There are 6 distinct types of filters, including phat resonant low pass, band pass, and hi pass — all controllable with a multi-stage envelope. Advanced LFO modulation capabilities included numerous BPM-synchronized waveforms plus a unique user programmable wave for creating your own unique BPM-synchronized effects. All edits to the sounds are stored as an integral part of the song and pattern data, so a virtually unlimited range of user sounds can be created."

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