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Sunday, March 28, 2010


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"The Neptune is an all-analog mono-synth with built-in MIDI and CV/Gate features in a 2-space rack-mount module. It features three true analog oscillators for a very fat Moog-type sound, and even has a Moog-type cascade filter to match! And in truly classic analog fashion, all parameters and controls are available from the knobs and switches on the front panel in an intuitive and clearly labeled layout - bringing old-school analog synthesis to the modern MIDI studio.

The Neptune is actually a lot like the ProTone, except that the Neptune achieves its third VCO by substituting the LFO as an audible oscillator (Osc 3 can be switched between LFO--slow--and Oscillator Mode--fast) and by adding a dedicated ADSR envelope to the 24dB/oct cascade filter. The Neptune also includes an audio input for processing external signals through its filter and LFO. Like the ProTone, it features both MIDI I/O and CV+Gate I/O and can handle MIDI-to-CV+Gate conversion (across a 5 octave range), making it an ideal synth for old-school and modern MIDI studios. It also features MIDI controlled filter cutoff and modulation control as well as velocity sensitivity. The original Neptune model debuted in 1999 and came in Violet, Silver or Gold colored panels."

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