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Thursday, March 25, 2010


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"Ultra rare, ultra crazy. Perfect for electro, disco, synth pop and techno, it's the MAM ADX1 Drum Synthesizer and has been unavailable now for a few years. It makes sounds like a Vermona, you don't program beats with it.

Sounds closest in spirit to a Pearl Syncussion as I think the Syncussion inspired the drum channel selections and setup, but the sound is not as rounded on the bottom end or as hifi as the syncussion. But is just as capable of crazy. Bass channel makes a nice 909 kick. There are some great Youtube videos of this unit. One of them from the person I bought this from.

It's functionally perfect, cosmetically great. Only issue is that the trigger button for the synth channel does not light up. The button triggers fine. But the little light doesn't come on above it. Pictures are of actual unit. Comes with 12V AC adaptor for North American use. Worldwide users can use any 12V AC adaptor in their country.

Triggers via MIDI (channels 1-4), any audio triggers or drum machine channels (obviously) and buttons beside each channel. Stereo and individual outs."

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Sold For: US $399.99