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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Acess Virus KC

via this auction
# High-quality, semi-weighted, velocity and aftertouch sensitive, 61-key keyboard with master keyboard functions
# Pitchbend and modwheel controls, plus 2 switch/control pedal jacks
# 32-voice polyphony and 16-part multitimbral capability
# 98 simultaneous DSP effects including a full parametric 3 band EQ for each part
# 1024 programs (256 User / 768 ROM / 128 Multi)
# Raw power from up to 4 oscillators with 16-Voice layered unison mode
# Rich resonant sweeps from two independent multimode filters (36 dB/6-poles per voice)
# Ultra fast envelopes (0 to 144 dB in under 22 microseconds)
# Surround sound capabilities
# 6 Outputs (24-bit D/A) / 2 Inputs (18-bit A/D)
# 16 independent arpeggiators with patterns and abundant real-time controls
# MIDI clock sync capabilities for virtually every time-based parameter
# Enhanced modulation matrix with 6 source and 9 destination slots. Every feasible parameter can be controlled!
# Dedicated undo/redo/random to defeat ”oops” and “writer’s block”
# 2 Soft Knobs, individually assignable per program"

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