Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Access Virus TI Snow Synthesizer

via this auction
box shot
" * 11" x 6"
* Same Virus TI sound engine and software integration
* Can edit sounds with Virus Control, a VST/AU/RTAS compatible plug-in
* 16 patch select buttons for fast access to edit menus
* Three main oscillators and one sub oscillator per voice
* Virtual analog, hypersaw, wavetable, graintable, and formant oscillators
* Two fully independent filters (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop)
* Saturation module located between both filter blocks
* Two-dimensional modulation matrix with six slots
* Independent delay and reverb per patch (even in multi mode)
* Distortion, lo-fi algorithms, phaser, chorus, flanger, analog boost, ring modulator
* 3-band EQ and global vocoder
* patches sound the same between single and multi mode
* Each patch has its own arpeggiator with 32 programmable steps
* Two 1/4" outputs (R/L) with 192/24 D/A converters
* Two 1/4" inputs with 24-bit A/D
* Over 1,000 presets
* More than 6,000 free patches available
* USB can send MIDI and audio signal to computer at 12 MB/s
* Winter-white finish, white LED and display, wood rail beneath the front panel
* Every part can be panned dynamically between two stereo outputs
* 6 knobs, 21 buttons, 18 LEDs
* Between 10 to 50 voices, depending on the complexity of the patch
* Multi programs can have fully-independent embeeded singles without links to single banks
* 512 RAM and 512 ROM patches
* 52 embedded multi-patches, 4 part in multi mode
* Adaptive control-smoothing makes easy parameter changes
* Knob quantize can make parameter changes at set intervals for step sequencer-like sounds
* Sample-accurate integration with multiple DAWs
* Certified Total Integration with Logic 8, Cubase 4, Live 7, Pro Tool 7.4, Sonar 7, ImagineLine 7.4
* Comes with messenger-style carry bag"

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