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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sonic Core Minimax ASB Minimoog Emulating Synth Module

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From: Sonic Core:
"One may not consider a synthesizer with three Oscillators and noise, a mixer as well as a filter followed by amplifiers and two envelopes, as being spectacular in sound. But we are not just talking about any kind of synthesizer but about "the" synthesizer that started it all. MINIMAX ASB is a perfect emulation of one of the most popular synthesizers ever. Its ease of use and easy to learn sound technique made this instrument a role model for many other synthesizers. Its sound is famous. The oscillators and filters are extremely powerful and the envelopes extremely quick.
Many soft and hardware companies have tried to copy its features but have shattered by doing so. Its hardware duplicate had different built-in components taking away from its original sounding character. Most software programs emulated only parts of the hardware such as the filter. Significant elements like Oscillators and envelopes were for the most part forgotten. MINIMAX ASB is different from anything available before. MINIMAX ASB not only emulates parts of the instrument. We consider it as being "the" synthesizer. Today, where most hardware components are difficult to get and software reached the limits, MINIMAX ASB has managed to go beyond.

Within the MINIMAX, we have remodelled all significant sound elements after the original's circuitry. In addition, a steady cross-check with the Original was made and now offers even identical knob positions as within the original. No reproduction has yet been that precise. Measurements and adjustments were only a part of the work. Beforehand there was another problem to tackle. The original analog model produces frequencies which when copied or emulated would produce aliasing. Those who are familiar with aliasing know how awful it sounds. The MINIMAX ASB's sound generation is based on newly developed algorithms that are free of any aliasing. The MINIMAX ASB handles even the most complex Modulations, filter FM or Oscillator-Modulation. Moreover, the nice thing about this, the MINIMAX will always sound like the original. Thus MINIMAX ASB tops today's digital synthesis technique."

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