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Sunday, February 21, 2010

ROLAND SH-32 MIDI - Analog Synth Module

via this auction
"The SH32 is a four-part multitimbral, maximum 32-note polyponic modeled analog synth with built-in effects, arpeggiator, and rhythm sounds ). At its heart is a system that Roland call the 'Wave Acceleration Sound Generator'.

Number of audio oscillators: Two (with sub-oscillators).
Number of oscillator waveforms: 67.
Number of rhythm waveforms: 67.
Number of simultaneous filters: One.
Number of audio filter types: Eight (four types each with 12dB-per-octave and 24dB-per-octave options).
Number of audio path amplifiers: One.
Number of LFOs: Two.
Number of LFO waveforms: Seven.
Number of Insert effects: 35.
Number of reverb/delay effects: 10 (but see elsewhere, because this is misleading).
Polyphony: 32 maximum.
Multitimbrality: Four-part maximum.

Patch: 128 preset, 128 user.
Performance: 64 user.
Rhythm: Two preset, two user.
Arpeggiator: 64 user.
Rhythm styles: 64 user.
Chord: 64 user."

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