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Friday, February 19, 2010


via this auction
"Features of the GR-700:
* 6 voice, Dual Oscillator Synth Engine Based on the Roland JX-3P/MKS-30
* 3 - Selectable Octave Settings for Each Oscillator, 2’, 4’ and 8’
* Choice of Square, Sawtooth or Pulse Waveform, plus Noise for Oscillator 2
* Cross Modulation Between Oscillators
* Frequency Modulation with Envelope and/or Modulation
* VCF Low-Pass Filter with LFO, Envelope and Pitch Modulation
* Variable High-Pass Filter
* Four Stage Envelope Generator
* Low Frequency Oscillator for Vibrato Effects
* Selectable Dynamic Control Over Pitch, Filter and Amplifier per String
* Selectable Pitch Bend, Hold and Voice On/Off per String
* Lush Analog Chorus Mode
* Stereo Output: XLR or .25" jacks
* Pedal control input for the VCF
* The GR-700 can output either the guitar, the synth, or a mix of the two
* Programming Via Foot switches or with optional PG-200 Programmer
* 64 - Voice Internal Memory, Expandable to 128 Voices with M-16C Memory Cartridge"

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