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Saturday, February 06, 2010


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"M-Audio's most advanced MIDI interface, the USB MIDISPORT 8x8/s is a powerhouse with features and bandwidth to burn. 8 x 8 operation offers enough connectivity to directly interface with tons of MIDI gear and discretely address up to 128 MIDI channels" in and out. In addition to the high speed and convenience of USB, the MIDISPORT 8x8/S also features a legacy serial port allowing connection with older computers. Full SMPTE time code support even allows synchronization to videotape and multitrack recorders.

* USB 8 x 8 MIDI interface in 19" rack unit
* 128 discrete MIDI input and output channels
* operates as an 8-preset standalone MIDI patchbay without computer
* legacy serial port for compatibility with serial PCs
* reads/writes popular LTC SMPTE formats
* converts LTC to MTC to sync any MIDI Time Code-compatible software
* selectable "flywheel"
* regenerates damaged SMPTE code
* performs "jam sync" in all modes"

Sold For: US $100.00

via selectivepressure in the comments

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Sold For: US $100.00