Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Clavia Nord Modular Keyboard Synthesizer

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"The Nord Modular is a virtual modeling modular synthesizer. Any synthesizer you can conceive of, you can design with the Nord Modular Editor software. Download your creation to the Nord Modular synth, and your creation comes to life using virtual sound modeling. The keyboard itself is small and compact. It houses the synth engine and all DSP processors. Once a new patch is downloaded to the synth, you can do some basic editing with the 18 knobs on the front panel, however, the Nord Modular must be connected to a PC or Mac to create new synth patches. This unit is loaded with the latest OS version - V.3.03.

The software is the Nord Modular Editor. It is a powerful editor that graphically shows you all the modules you have available. Using the graphic interface, you interconect your modules with virtual cables, and synthesize a sound. The software features over 100 modules, from analog ocsillators, to formant filter-banks! It's true modular synthesis meets computer synthesis. It sounds awesome too! The keyboard still has MIDI to be controlled and sequenced from your standard sequencer. The programs you create in the editor can be stored on the computer or in one of the 100 memories in the keyboard. Once you've created a sound you can quit the editor program and use the keyboard controller stand-alone.

The keyboard has multiple outputs, stereo inputs for processing external signals, pedal and C/V inputs, and has a very easy and intuitive layout and a nice LCD screen. It also features a very good sequencer! There is absolutely nothing like this synthesizer on the market. If you want the capabilities of a true modular synthesizer in a portable powerful package, this is the keyboard for you!

Here's a very small sample of what this synth can do:
Nord Modular Keyboard Sample Mp3"

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