Saturday, January 30, 2010

Waldorf MicroQ Phoenix Edition

via this Noisebug auction
"Manufacturer Description:
The best in a box. The Micro Q synthesizer delivers huge sound at a remarkably affordable price.

Powered by much the same sound generator as its big brother Q, Micro Q’s awesome audio performance comes as no surprise. Specifically, we’re talking about up to five oscillators and two multimode filters per voice, ultra fast envelopes, and LFOs so fast that you can even hear them, if you wish.

And the final 500 to feature the Phoenix Edition trim sport very special visuals. Cool today, they’re sure to be classics tomorrow.

The microQ's synthesis architecture and sound comes directly from the Waldorf Q Synthesizer and was packed into an nice 2u rack housing. Still the microQ is easy to program with its editing matrix (some users already may know a similar editing surface from the Waldorf Pulse Synthesizer). This allows you to edit nearly most of the sound engine parameters directly on the surface of this little beast without being in need of activating menus.

Not only the expensive sound of the Waldorf Q was implemented: also the powerful arpeggiator and the versatile Drum Map can be found in the Waldorf microQ, too.

* up to 25 voices
* 16 part multi timbral
* 300 single programs
* 100 multi programs
* 20 drummaps
* 7 endless dials
* 16 buttons for editing
* 2 x 20 character display
* 6 analog outputs (3 stereo outs)
* 2 analog inputs (1 stereo in)
* MIDI In/Out/Thru
* Phoenix Edition color scheme

Per Voice:

* up to 5 Oscillators per voice
o Pulse with Pulse Width Modulation
o Sawtooth
o Triangle
o Sine
o 2 wavetables with 128 waves each and suboscillator per alt-wave
* Oscillator FM
* Noise generator
* Ring Modulator
* Mixer with Balance, each signal source (oscillator, noise, ringmod, external audio material) can be balanced individually between filter 1 and filter 2
* 2 Filters (serial and parallel routing switchable), different types, all including FM and distortion
o Low Pass (12dB/24dB)
o Band Pass (12dB/24dB)
o High Pass (12dB/24dB)
o Notch (12dB/24dB)
o Comb Filter (positive/negative feedback)
* Modulation Matrix with 16 slots, freely routable
* Pre-routed Modulation destinations, sources selectable
* modulation update frequency in audio range to allow the oscillators to be used as modulation sources
* 4 Modifiers
* Arpeggiator with user pattern, including accents, timing information, swing, glide, chords and more
* 3 LFOs up to audio range
* 4 envelopes, enhanced ADSR configuration with loop and one shot function, bipolar
* different trigger modes for each envelope, poly, mono, dual, unisono, manual trigger etc.
* 2 individual high-quality effects per single program, up to 5 effects in total in Multimode
* Effect Types:
o Reverb
o 2 x Surround Delay
o Chorus
o Flanger
o Phaser
o Distortion
o Delay
o 5 FX
o Vocoder with 25 bands
* and lots lots more..."

Sold For: US $499.00

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Sold For: US $499.00