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Friday, January 01, 2010

Eowave Filter Bug Synth Envelope Pedal

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"rare and cool Eowave Filter Bug analog envelope synth filter in excellent condition. It features Envelope, Cut Off (Frequency), Resonance, LFO Speed and Depth, and Gain knobs, and a Bypass flip switch (okay, so technically it’s not a pedal!). It has stereo 1/4" in and out jacks. The left input is also a CV in, and the right input can be used as a trigger input, so a drum machine or some other sound source can be used to trigger the envelope while you play your instrument through the left input... ou can download the manual for more info here

And this baby self-oscillates with no input signal! I’ve gotten helicopter, UFO, laser gun, theremin sounds and more just by tweaking the knobs! Set the Resonance knob at about 4:00 to max, and have fun turning knobs; just be careful not to blow out your speakers! There’s even an internal trimpot for adjusting the Cut Off frequency control. The Bypass switch sometimes pops when engaged, but it usually goes away after the unit warms up (typical analog; you gotta love it!). This unit is great for filtering any non-programmable synth module, or for warming up digital synths, without having to pay an arm and a leg for an overpriced, oversized, complicated rack unit. And the 12VAC power supply is included! It doesn’t take batteries."

Sold For: US $138.50

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