Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sequential Circuits Pro-One Analog Synthesizer

via this auction
"Sequential Circuits Pro-One monophonic analog synthesizer, with upgraded 'Prophet-style' knobs from 'technologytransplant,' a $75. value. Included also, is a 'dinsync' CV/MIDI converter, complete with Radio Shack power supply (purchased separately) and Hosa 1/4" stereo cable, for conecting to CV/gate jacks - an additional $100. value! **PLEASE NOTE: when using this dinsync interface, pitch bend IS transmitted via MIDI but for some reason, portamento is disabled. There is no manual or documentation included, tho a small instruction sheet comes with the CV/MIDI converter. Serial # 3xxx, this instrument has the very desirable J-wire keyboard, which plays nicely but double-triggers occasionally and could probably use a cleaning..."

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