Thursday, December 17, 2009

Roland Synthesizer Keyboard SH-2

via this auction BIN: $975
List price: $ 1100.00
Date Made: 1979-1982
Weight: 6.5 kg
Dimensions: 67x31x10 cm
Connection jacks: Audio Out, Phones Out, CV/Gate Out, CV/Gate In, External In
OVERVIEW: The SH-2 was released the same time as the SH-09, and it shows. The main difference is that the SH-2 has two VCOs, instead of one, and that it is a little wider, with 37 keys.
OSCILLATORS: There are 2 VCOs and one sub-oscillator. VCO1 has triangle, saw/ramp, square and pulse waveforms. VCO2 has saw/ramp, square and pulse waveforms, and a noise mode. Range is 2´ to 32´. The pulse width can be controlled either manually, or with the LFO or ENV, but is always the same for both VCOs. The 2 VCOs are, individualy tunable. The sub-oscillator has three modes: one octave down square and 2 octave square or narrow pluse.
The LFO has square, sine and random waveforms, with delay and frequency controls. The SH-2 also has a autobend slider.
MIXER: The Mixer has three levers, for the VCOs and for the Sub-Osc.
FILTER: One low-pass self-oscillating filter can be found on the SH-2. It has four sliders controlling (from left to right)cut-off frequency, resonance, envelope modulation and LFO modulation. ENV modulation can be inverted, and set to be affected by the external input.
ENVELOPES: The single envelope generator is of the standard ADSR type. It has three trigger modes: gate, gate+trigger and LFO. OTHER The VCA has gate, ENV and hold mode. The pith-bender controls pitch and/or the VCF at variable amount. Traditionally,there is a portamento function with variable time"

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