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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Red Sound DarkStar Dark Star XP2

via this auction
"British company Red Sound System's first synth, the Darkstar is a table-top 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer suitable for anybody who wants affordable analog sounds for use in most any style of electronic music. Analog sounds are created by DSP-based analog modelling which means you'll get reliable and clean analog-type synth sounds in an economical and professional instrument. The Darkstar features 2 oscillators per voice, 5-part multitimbral set-up, joystick mixing for oscillators, ring modulation, filter resonance and pink/white/blue noise generators.

Its unique look is modeled after RSS's other DJ tools. There are 14 knobs, all of which transmit MIDI data and provide instant hands-on access to the filters and envelopes. The two LFOs and two envelope generators provide plenty of modulation abilities for the oscillators, pulse-width and filter. The filter offers high-, low- and band-Pass filtering with a 12dB/oct slope. It's not spectacular, but it is fairly flexible since both the cutoff and resonance can be modulated by either LFO and EG for a wide range of filter-sweeping effects.

Polyphony - 8 voices
Oscillators - 2 per voice (Osc 1: continuously variable between Sawtooth and square/pulse; OSC 2: Formant or pink / white / blue noise); hard sync-able
LFO - 2 with separate speed and delay controls (Ramp, Triangle, Square, Sine, Pulse, Sample & hold, Random waveforms); MIDI sync-able
Effects - Auto-Panning, Tremolo, Fixed frequency Ring Modulation, Portamento
Filter - 12dB/oct resonant with low-, high- and band-pass
Memory - 64 patches
Control - MIDI (5-parts)"

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