Thursday, November 19, 2009

nalogue Solutions TBX-303

via this Noisebug auction
* Pure analogue voice circuitry.
* Accurate TB303 circuitry clone.
* Physically the same size and layout.
* Extra tone controls and circuits for more sound variety e.g. LFO, CrossMod.
* Rugged steel construction.
* MIDI In for software sequencer control.

The TBX is a bass machine that can play a bass line via a MIDI device.

We have tried to accurately duplicate the analogue voice circuitry of the TB303, using the same discrete components where possible.

We have also tried to duplicate the look where possible, though high manufacturing costs have prevented us having an identical case and knobs.

Note; the sequencer has not been re-created. We have not duplicated the sequencer - this is a MIDI only device. I know that won't please everyone, so we apologies here to those.


A musical bass line involves many complex factors, such as different pitches and beats, and consequently it is a difficult thing to reproduce automatically. It may vary depending on the rhythm, chord progression, style of music and the character of the musician.

Sometimes it can take the role of a low melody, then it might outline the chords or become a strong rhythmic influence in an ensemble. But overall it is a very important part of the rhythm section, following the chord progression, mainly using the root and fifth note.

The TBX cannot memorise the tone colour - it has no 'memories', just like all the classic synthesisers of old. The bass sound is changed using the TONE CONTROL SECTION. In this way the TBX can create an appropriate Bass sound for the bass line you have written.

Main spec

Basically the analogue voice of a 303 circuit with MIDI and some extra features like noise, LFO etc.

Extra tone controls:

VCO level
External Audio level
Squelch - to add more resonance
Cross mod (VCO to Cut-off)
MIDI Mod (MIDI control of Cut-off from Velocity or a Controller)
LFO Mod / LFO Speed (Square and Triangle)
VCA Decay

Other features:
Audio input - through filter

Headphone socket

Uses the original 303 voice circuit, and analogue components (where possible - many are discontinued). We tried to get the sound original, and in our opinion it sounds just like a 303 - but of course there will always be to very few who disagree!

NOTE: there is no internal sequencer."

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Avelino Herrera Morales said...

I recently buy one and... I love this machine!! :-) A lot of people don't like the TBX-303 because it hasn't a sequencer but I prefer to use my MPC sequencer to make 303 sequences ^_^. Sounds great!