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Friday, October 02, 2009

Korg MS2000B Synthesizer Vocoder

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"New Look, New Sounds - Analog Modeling is Back in Black!
The latest chapter in the 25-year history of the Korg MS series is here. With an updated sound set, a sharp new black metallic color scheme and dedicated vocoder mic, the MS2000B provides a combination of playability, expression and sound manipulation that is at once familiar, yet ready to open a new universe of possibilities.

Back to the Future
The MS2000B comes dressed up with retro-style rosewood side panels, and both units are packed with other great features of the past, including a versatile 16-band vocoder, and an arpeggiator offering six types of arpeggio patterns

Unparalleled Analog Modeling Power
Korg's DSP-driven analog modeling system - acclaimed in the Korg Prophecy and ElectribeA - has been refined to produce an incredibly wide range of sounds. From lush to fat to sharply cutting, the awesome sonic spectrum produced only by this DSP technology is harnessed into a compact keyboard or module. All major sound parameters can be accessed in real time from the knobs and switches on the front panel, allowing you the freedom to manipulate and shape your sound as you play.

Awesome Waveforms
The oscillator section consists of two oscillators and a noise generator. Oscillator 1 lets you select from 8 waveforms, including analog staples such as sawtooth and pulse, to unique selections like VoxWave and 64 DWGS (Digital Waveform Generator System) waveforms first featured on the Korg DW-8000. Modulation can be applied to each waveform for an even wider timbral selection and to create movement.

Oscillator 2 lets you select from 3 types of waveforms. In addition to detuning Oscillator 2 relative to Oscillator 1, you can also use it to apply sync or ring modulation to generate complex sounds. The audio input jacks allow external sound sources to be processed by the internal filters, effects, etc.

Sound Control
The EG (Envelope Generator) uses familiar four-stage ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release) controls to apply time-variant changes to sound parameters.

The LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) allows you to choose from 4 types of waveforms to apply cyclic changes to sound parameters, and can be synced to MIDI clock for cool rhythmic effects. Two EGs and two LFOs are provided for each timbre.

The MS2000B provides 4 filter types: 12dB low pass, 24dB low pass, band pass, and high pass. Resonance is provided, and can be set to self-oscillate. In addition to volume and pan controls, the amp section provides a distortion on/off setting so that even soft sounds can be transformed into aggressive solo parts.

The effect section provides up to three effects simultaneously: a modulation effect (ensemble, phaser, or chorus/flanger), a delay (stereo delay, cross delay, or L/R delay), and an equalizer, programmable for every sound.

Virtual Patch Function Allows Wildly Creative Possibilities
The MS2000B provides a ?Virtual Patch function that simulates the patching capabilities of the legendary Korg PS series and MS series synthesizers. Not only EG and LFO, but even velocity and keyboard tracking can be used as modulation sources to affect parameters such as pitch, noise level, and pan. You can create four Virtual Patches for each sound.

Mod Sequence Function Generates Dramatic Tonal Changes
The 3-track Mod Sequence function is a step sequencer that applies time-variant change to sound parameters in a way similar to varying the control voltage on analog synthesizers of the past. In addition to the 28 parameters on the front panel, you can also sequence changes to the pitch or step length to create your own riffs and phrases. Using the Mod Sequence to change DWGS waveforms even allows you to simulate wave-sequencing!"

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