Sunday, October 25, 2009

Korg Electribe EA-1

via this auction
- Two Oscillators with selectable waveforms:
Sawtooth, Square, Triangle, and External Audio In
- Cross Modulation Section
- VCF Resonant Lo Pass Filter Section
- Effects Section: Distortion, Tempo Delay, Chorus/Flanger
- Memory holds 256 patterns + sounds, 16 songs
- 16 touch pads for keyboard/sequencer
- MIDI Control Capabilities
- Deep editing options"

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MrLonghair said...

I don't know about the starting bid, but it is a good machine if your limit is around that range that with a little magic and on-board filter trickery can make some of the grossest, wettest sounds ever.

Here's a patch I slowed down a bit and uploaded to tindeck as a demonstration: