Saturday, October 10, 2009

Analogue Solutions SQ8 CV / Gate Sequencer

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"Analogue sequencers allow you to program a set of voltages and Trigger events (8 in this case), and allow you to step through them by using a clock signal or LFO square wave. With each step, then next voltage as set by the control is present at the CV output. This way repeating melodic lines can be produces. The sequencer need not control pitch, it could be used to change the filter cut-off, volume, or LFO speed.

The advantage analogue sequencers have over hardware sequencers is firstly their immediacy. Having all the controls, switches and sockets in front of you allows quicker programming. Secondly, as the output is an analogue control voltage and not a digital MIDI signal, the output of analogue sequencers can easly be mixed with other voltages, or processed in some way.

The SQ8 is a single channel sequencer with 8 steps. As it is single channel, larger sequencing systems can be built up by doubling up on sequencers. As they are all separate, you can clock them at different speeds or clock divide ratios.

Reset In
Clock In

CV Range 0-5V /10V
Step b1 Out
Clock Through

+/-12V, +5V

8 x CV knobs
with integral Gate switch
Range Switch
Step Button

8x Step LED's


The SQ8 requires +5v power"

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