Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yamaha CS15 Classic Vintage Analogue Synth

via this auction
"2x VCO. 2x Mixers. 2x VCF. 2x VCA. 2x EG.

External input, so you can put other synths through its filters.

Possible to hook up to MIDI gear via an interface for the Control Voltage /Trigger sockets on the back. According to, CS-15s can be played duophonically, using this plus the keyboard.

Noise Generator. Glide (up OR down, for BOTH VCOs)

LFO has sine, saw, and Sample+Hold !

VCOs go between 64' and 2' And BOTH do triangle/sine, saw, and square (with variable pulse-width AND pwm on the square.)

VCFs can do Low Pass, Band Pass, or High Pass, and can be modded by either EG (including the inverse of the EG!), or the LFO.

Filters can be controlled with a 'Brilliance slider' next to the keyboard - excellent for filter sweeps whilst playing.

Portamento + Pitch Bend.

Plus loads of other versatile aspects that I haven't mentioned.

VERY well constructed - was built when Yamaha made synths as though they were real 'instruments'. Retro wooden base

Headphone socket. High and low level outputs, plus a balanced output on an XLR !"

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