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Monday, September 21, 2009


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"Roland MC-202 - The Roland MC-202 is an analog 2 channel microcomposer incororating a monophonic synthesizer, with sounds closely found in that of the TB-303 and SH-101 bass synthesizer. It has a very evolved form of TB-303 like programming and SH-101 like controls of the VCO, VCF, VCA, LFO, Envelope and Mixer sections.

The Roland MC-202 is in some ways a next-generation of the TB-303, and with that the idea was to program sequence/patterns into it internally which would give you 303 style basslines that we've come to love.

The MC-202's sequencer is a 2-channel CV/gate sequencer, with both channels being capable of driving a separate external synth. For its DINsync capabilities, it can receive on one port, and send over two, and also can 'split' DINsync to branch a sync signal out to multiple devices.

* Sound Source - Monophonic
* Oscillators - Single VCO : Simultaneous sawtooth and square/pulse width waveforms and 1 Sub-Oscillator
* VCA - ADSR Envelope or gate
* Filter - Resonant 24dB lowpass with cutoff, res, env, mod, kybd
* LFO - 1 sine wave with delay and rate controls
* Memory - Volatile sequence memory using batteries or do a Cassette Tape Dump
* Sequencer - 2 Tracks, 2,729 notes capacity
* Control - CV/GATE and Tape/Clock/DIN Sync
* Tempo/BPM - 40 - 300
* Key Pads - 32
* Display - LCD
* Connections - DIN Sync In / Out x 2, Memory/Sync - Save/Out - Load.In, Built In Synth CV - Gate, Ext Synth CV - Gate, Phones, Output, DC In
* Dimensions - 343mm x 55mm x 204mm
* Weight - 1.35kg"

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