Thursday, August 06, 2009

360 Systems Midi Bass sound module

via this auction
"The 360 Midi Bass is a fully functional vintage piece of MIDI equipment for your tinkering enjoyment. This is an unusual piece in that the sounds are actually sampled and placed on a chip for each of the four types of basses selectable. Kind of an anolog midi thing. Looking inside there are 4 giant (by today's standards) chips attached to the board one for each rom based sample bass voice. It appears that these chips are removeable and replaceable with other chips of other types of basses. It would be interesting to know how these chips were produced and what other type basses were available but unfortunately I couldn't find much about this unit on the web.

It has the traditional midi in, out, thru arrangement and an audio out. From what I read on the net 360 Systems had a good reputation for making quality modules and this one is no exception. It's built like a tank of all metal housing and stout switches and buttons. You can select which channel the midi messages will be recognized from or accept messages from all channels, there is a switch to recognize high and low notes (maybe a keyboard split function, I'm not sure). The button I found odd was the Pitch dial. I'll bet you could do some weird stuff with that maxed out. I just found standard pitch and left it there. "

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