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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Technosaurus Cyclodon Analog Step Sequencer

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"16-STEP PROGRAM The Cyclodon is a 16-step sequencer that is almost Zen-like in its stark simplicity. To begin with, it has two rows of eight continuously variable potentiometers, as well as an that LED indicates which row is being played. Four switches allow you to set the number of steps used in the sequence. The Run/ Stop button controls the sequencer playback when the unit is in Auto mode; in Manual mode it moves you through the sequence one step a time-perfect for tuning each step. The Clock switch puts the sequencer under the control of either the internal clock or an external signal. Under internal control, you can set the speed of the sequence using the Tempo knob.

The Cyclodon sends control voltage and gate signals through minijacks on the unit's right side. The panel also includes a Roland-style 5-pin DIN sync jack so that you can run the Cyclodon from a drum machine, rhythm box, or MIDI-Sync24 converter.

ADDITION AND DIVISION One interesting feature of the Cyclodon is the inclusion of four Step Number switches, marked +8, +4, +2, and +1. These switches allow you to create sequences of 1 to 16 steps, and you can change the number of steps while the sequencer is running. Want to do an additive sequencing piece in which you increase the number of steps in the sequence one at a time? With the Cyclodon, you can.

You can also control the number of steps that are played for each external pulse via the Clock Divider setting. It can be set to play whole notes (one sequencer step for every four external beats), half notes (one step for every two beats), quarter notes (one step per beat), eighth notes (two steps per beat), and 16th notes (four steps per beat)."

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