Sunday, July 12, 2009

Roland Jet Phaser AP-7

via this auction
"AP-7, the unit blends a distortion/fuzz with an 8 stage phaser to create psychedelic jet sounds aka fuzz and faze. Controls include Jet level (distortion), Mode, Resonance, and Slow Rate. Phaser sounds great, nice, thick, watery. Some say the distortion is very similar to the Boss DS-1, which would make sense. The Fast/Slow switch allows you to get the classic ramp up/down warble of a Leslie speaker, and this is worth the ticket price alone, especially if you are tired of hauling your Vibratone around (I know I am!). The sounds remind me of Marc Bolan/T-Rex's Slider vibe. Definitely a 70's tint to the tone, but the pedal is quite versatile with 4 Jet settings, and 2 phase settings that do not use the fuzz. Come on, bring this baby home."

YouTube via arschgesicht2001
crazy bass sound
"lerry grahams crazy bass"

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