Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oberhiem OB-Xa + DSX Sequencer

via this auction
"oberhiem obx a synthesizer with encore midi and dsx sequencer...

The OB8-MK [MIDI Kit] can be used as a MIDI controller. If the OB-8 is in Dual mode, it will transmit note information on two MIDI channels. If the OB-8 is in Split mode, the Upper side of the keyboard will be transmitted on the basic channel, while the lower side will be transmitted on the basic channel + 1. In both of these modes, the pitch bend and modulation wheels will be transmitted on both MIDI channel. The OB8-MK transmits the following messages: Note On/Off Program Change Modulation Pitch Bend Sustain Sysex patch transfer. Encore has performed many enhancements over the original Oberheim interface. The OB8-MK has improved hardware and software. We have fixed a serious note locking problem that is in the original Oberheim interface. The OB8-MK also remembers all parameters at power down, unlike the Oberheim MIDI retrofit that resets its MIDI parameters at each power up. We have also restructured the memory map to allow code space for future enhancements. This is not possible with the Oberheim unit. Our retrofit is easy to install, and no soldering to the OB-8 is necessary."

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