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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

MOOG Memorymoog Plus

via this auction
"SPECS: Polyphony - 6 Voices, Oscillators - 3 VCO's per voice (pulse, saw, triangle, or any combination), LFO - triangle, pulse, sine, and square waves, Filter - One 24 dB/oct lowpass VCF w/ ADSR per voice, Keyboard - 61 keys, Effects - None, Arpeg/Seq - Sample & Hold, Memory - 100 patches, Control - CV / Gate (MIDI available by retro-fit/modification only), Date Produced - 1982 - 1985. this keyboard is basically 6 Minimoogs with digital memory, midi, and patch storage and has been retrofitted with the midi kit by Syntronics of Boston"

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