Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ensoniq - VFXsd - 61 key Synthesizer

via this auction
61 key keyboard with velocity and polyphonic after touch. ( add modulation such as vibrato to notes by applying pressure to the keys.)
In addition to synthesizer sounds it has dozens of great sounding real intrument samples including piano, strings, guitars, drums, flutes etc. Up to 12 keyboard split zones can be programed
A 24 track, 25,000 note capacity MIDI sequencer allowing the user to unleash their musical creativity
A floppy disk drive for storing songs and sounds (patches)
MIDI IN, OUT and THROUGH hook-ups for connection to computer or other MIDI devices
20 effects algorithms including large hall, small room reverbs, flanging, delay and multi effect combinations
The ability to program and store your own sound from the dozens of sampled wave forms"

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