Friday, July 17, 2009

Creamware Prodyssey ASB midi synthesizer

via this auction
"The Prodyssey is a replica of the ARP Odyssey. It includes a filter switch that allows you to toggle between the Odyssey type filter and the White Face Odyssey (Moog) type filter. It also has analog inputs so you can run signal thru the device. There is a "Match" display so you can return to the programmed value of the knobs when performing live (lower left of panel). There are built in Chorus and Delay effects that can be set per patch. You get 256 patch memories (more with the software editor - not included with auction but downloadable at FTP link provided) and 12 voices of polyphony. You can download the USB drivers and software from Creamware for a nice patch editor here ( Another handy feature is that you can use the knobs to send MIDI CC# out of the box to control software synths. This unit has the latest firmware, too."

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