Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Access Virus TI Desktop VA Synth

via this auction
"The Access VIRUS TI (Total Integration) line of synthesizers is designed to lead the world in a completely new direction with musical instrument and pro-audio convergence. TOTAL INTEGRATION uses innovative technology to greatly expand the VIRUS Synthesizer, resulting in an advanced stage/standalone instrument, while simultaneously extending the product capabilities with a suite of compelling studio integration features. New synth features include greatly increased polyphony, 2 new oscillator types, a per-patch programmable arpeggiator, 16x2 delay/reverb fx, embedded singles in multi mode, and much more. The new TI products link to your computer with VIRUSControl, a companion software product which ports the hardware synth into a host sequencer for use as a sample-accurate VST/AU instrument, simultaneously offering 2-way audio and MIDI connectivity, control surface functionality, editor and librarian functions, and more. Technical Info: 6 symmetrical outs with +4dB studio level Optional soft limiting for every output 192 kHz/24bit D/A converters 2 inputs with 24-bit A/D converters 4 different input sensitivities USB for audio, midi and data connection USB2 compatible device, 12Mbit data transfer rate S/PDIF in/out for digital I/O. Dedicated headphone out."

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